Baco Mercat

1-17-2014 Baco Mercat (6)

Hamachi Crudo with abkhazian chile spice, avocado, and hash brown

1-17-2014 Baco Mercat (7)

Japanese Eggplant Salad with cucumber, feta, cipollini vinaigrette

1-17-2014 Baco Mercat (9)

“The Original” Baco – pork, beef carnitas, salbitxada

1-17-2014 Baco Mercat (11)

“Carne Picada” Coca – spiced beef, yam, pine nut and goat cheese

1-17-2014 Baco Mercat (14)

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with romano beans, raisins and garlic

This restaurant serves tapas dishes and is in Downtown LA. The food is alright…the best dish was “The Original” Baco! The pork and beef carnitas were really flavored and juicy! The Hamachi
Crudo with hash brown was a weird combination. Make sure to make reservation before coming here as the restaurant was small. It also had a little bar area inside the restaurant and small patio for seating. I came here with friends and the more people you have the more dishes you get to try.

Location: Downtown LA

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