EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

1-26-2014 EMC (2)

Truffle Fries with garlic aioli

1-26-2014 EMC (3)

Scallop Carpaccio

1-26-2014 EMC (6)

Uni Pasta

1-26-2014 EMC (7)

Soft Shell Crab Sliders

1-26-2014 EMC (9)

Steamed Lobster

1-26-2014 EMC (10)


1-26-2014 EMC (11)

Whole Tilapia Charboiled

This was an interesting Asian Fusion restaurant in Ktown, Downtown LA. The Soft Shell Crab Sliders were really good. The Uni Pasta was too thick and creamy. The Charboiled Tilapia was really fresh and wasn’t fishy. I think the ventilation in restaurant was bad…I smelled oily leaving the restaurant. But it’s a nice spot to gather friends and catch up. There’s also happy hours too!

Location: Ktown – Los Angeles

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