Soi 7

soi 7 (1)

Papaya Salad

soi 7 (2)

Beef Pad See Ew

soi 7 (3)

Green Chicken Curry

soi 7 (4)

Pad Thai with chicken

soi 7 (5)

Duck Summer Roll

soi 7 (6)

Crying Tiger

This is a Thai restaurant in downtown LA with nice modern Asian decor. It has great atmosphere at night for a small party or a date. Overall the food was pretty good and I enjoyed all the dishes. Crying Tiger was one of their popular dishes and the steak was tender and juicy. The Duck Summer Roll was really good too with the sauce on the side. It reminded me of the Chinese Peking Duck in a bun but the Thai version. I had a great time here with my friends.

Location: Downtown LA (next to Bottega Louie)

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