Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (2)

Cold plate: Jelly Fish

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (3.1)

Drunken Chicken

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (5)

Crispy Bean Curd Sheet Rolled with Meat

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (6)

Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (7)

Crab Meat Soup

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (10)

Shanghainese Pan Fried Pork Buns

3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (12)

Boiled Sprouts


3-23-2014 Shanghai #1 (14)

Spicy Chicken

This was a pretty good Shanghainese restaurant with authentic tastings. I loved all the dishes ordered and shown above. Every dish was gooooood! I love the Crab Meat Soup, it was thick and flavorful. I can definitely drink two bowls of it. The Shanghainese Pan Fried Pork Buns was a popular item and must order! I thought the meat inside the bun could be a little more. But be careful of the juices squeezing out when you bite into it! I had an awesome dinner with some of my gals.

Location: San Gabriel, CA

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