Summit House

5-17-2013 Summit House (7)


5-17-2013 Summit House (8.1)

French Onion Soup

5-17-2013 Summit House (9.1)

Seafood Chowder

5-17-2013 Summit House (13)

Cream Corn

5-17-2013 Summit House (11)

Prime Rib – Cottage Cut


Lobster Tail

5-17-2013 Summit House (14.1)

Creme Brulee and Chocolate Torte

Summit House was a nice warm American restaurant on top of a little hill which can oversea the city. A great location for a date at night because of the pretty scenery or a great spot for celebration. I came here for my brother’s college graduation dinner. The food was good! Love the Escargot…need to use the bread and dip it in the garlic oil. The French Onion Soup was very flavorful but too salty for my taste. The Seafood Chowder was okay and average. The Cream Corn was really good and was comparable to Lawry’s. The Cottage Cut-Prime Rib was a good portion for a girl. I couldn’t finish it. The meat was really juicy and flavored. The Lobster Tail was good but nothing special. Lastly, the dessert was average and didn’t blew me away. The Chocolate Torte was too sweet for me. I would definitely come back to this restaurant for their prime rib.

Location: Fullerton, CA

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